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Fun Date Ideas

Are you trying to figure out what to do and where to go on an upcoming date night? We can sympathize! It can be hard to come up with ideas for things to do on a date, whether it is the first time you are going out with someone or you two have been together for years. To help you out, we’ve put together a list of fun date ideas and great ways to help you make the most out of your next date!

First Dates

First dates are often nerve-wracking: you want to impress them, but do take into consideration what (if anything) you know about the person you will be seeing. Do they seem like they are outdoorsy? Sophisticated? Artsy? Hopefully you have some idea of their personality so you can tailor the date towards something you know they will enjoy.

  • For an Outdoorsy Date, you can have a picnic, take a long, slow walk through a park, attend a farmer’s market, play mini golf, go sledding or build a snowman in the winter, play Frisbee, go geocaching, visit the zoo.
  • For a Sophisticated Date, go see a play. You can choose from either a professional play or one put on by the local community theater. It takes the pressure off of having to talk all night when you hardly know each other, but intermission gives you some time to chat about an easy topic: the play itself!
  • For an Artsy Date, check to see if there is a “First Night” experience at your local art museum or nearby art gallery. These openings exhibit the art of one or several artists and often offer snacks and drinks to those who attend.
Creative and Fun Date Ideas
  • Go fly a kite! You can make the kite yourselves and take them to a park or go to a toy store (or order online) to get your kite.
  • Visit a craft store and find a project to work on together – it can be as simple as a puzzle or as elaborate as putting together a model car.
  • Take a cooking class together! You’ll learn how to make some new dishes and get to try them after the class.
  • In many larger cities, you can go online to find guided walking tours of the city. You print the directions, grab a map of the city, and head off to explore. These tours tell you about historic buildings and areas and can give you and your date a new perspective of a place you see all the time. Plus these activities give you a chance to talk while you walk without the pressure of sitting across a dinner table desperately trying to think of something to say to each other.
Double Date Ideas
  • Scavenger hunt: each couple makes a list of tasks or things for the other team(s) to do or collect. It can be as simple as solving clues to find out where you are going for the next food course or activity for that night’s date. An example: one clue points to a restaurant, the next to a movie you will see, and the next toward a place for dessert and coffee afterward.
  • Treasure hunt: each couple comes up with a “treasure” (candy, a DVD movie to watch later, ingredients to bake cookies, etc.) and hides it from the others. They come up with clues to follow and a map of the area where the treasure is located. The other couple solves the clues to get the prize!
Date Ideas with Kids
  • Go to a park and picnic, feed the ducks, play catch or Frisbee, visit a children’s museum
  • Have a board game night (include popcorn or bake cookies together first)
  • Have a breakfast-for-dinner night with pancakes, waffles, eggs, toast – all the things they love for breakfast
  • Do a project – visit a hobby/craft store and get kits to decorate mugs, color pictures with glitter markers, paint a picture with paint-by-numbers, make bead necklaces, decorate shoes or shirts with fabric paint, make rubber band jewelry, or do something seasonal.
  • Camp out in the living room with an indoor picnic, stovetop s’mores, fluffy sleeping bags, and a movie they’ll enjoy.

Coming up with new things to do on a date keeps things fresh and exciting for couples. Almost any type of activity can be turned into a date with a little creativity. Listen to what your sweetheart talks about or mentions that he/she likes and plan an activity around that theme. Tickets to a sporting event? A stroll along a lake or the beach at sunset? Maybe dinner at a restaurant they’ve been wanting to try? Actively listening to each other will bring up all kinds of fun date ideas and raise the romance levels to new heights.

We Can Help!

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