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Family Patterns: Are You “Dating” Your Family?

Have you ever thought about how your family patterns can affect your love life? Strange to think about, but if you look at your past relationships, you often can see a pattern emerging and it generally ties back to the family dynamics you experienced as a child. Maybe your mother was super-neat, and you find that your sweetie’s clutter drives you nuts. Or, maybe your family wasn’t very close when you were a child, so if you date someone who is very involved with their family, you get uncomfortable when surrounded by all that intimacy.

These ingrained family patterns can be changed so that you can become part of a healthy couple and Elegant Introductions can help. Our relationship and life coaching services are available to help you learn to recognize relationship patterns and improve communication skills. Call Elegant Introductions today at 305-615-1900 or contact us for more information.

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