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10 Relationship Red Flags

You’ve found romance and are head over heels in love – that’s great! But, the elite matchmakers are Elegant Introductions remind you to keep your head about you. In other words, don’t be so starry eyed that you are blinded to potential relationship red flags.

Don’t get us wrong, every relationship has its little bumps in the road, especially when you are first getting to know someone and figuring out how to communicate with each other. But, sometimes there are warning signs in a relationship that need to be examined, and, if you spot some of the relationship red flags on our list, you owe it to yourself to address them before you invest too much time in the relationship.

10 Relationship Red Flags
  1. Why did their last relationship end? What do they have to say about their past relationships? If the breakups are always the “other person’s fault”, that’s a huge warning sign!
  2. How fast are they pushing the relationship? Pacing is everything! Telling you they’ve fallen fast and hard for you or asking for a commitment too quickly can leave you flattered and breathless, but it can also be a warning sign of an unhealthy relationship. For example, maybe they are pushing too fast because they just want someone (anyone!) in their life to avoid being alone.
  3. Personality conflicts? You can’t change someone, so don’t try to make them fit into your idea of romance. If you are constantly butting heads or they are doing things you tell yourself you can “fix”, that’s a big red flag!
  4. You catch the person you are dating in a lie. Even if it’s just a little lie, lying to each other is not the way to build the trust a relationship needs to succeed.
  5. Your new sweetheart is critical of much (or everything) about you. If they aren’t happy with you in the “honeymoon phase” of a relationship, how much more critical will they be when the glow of new love has worn off?
  6. Your honey is a generally negative person. Everyone has bad days, but when you constantly have to reassure them or spend a lot of time trying to turn negatives into positives, it gets tiresome! And, as we pointed out in #5, when the glow wears off, how much more of a Negative Nelly or Ned will they be?
  7. You new love just got out of a relationship. People need time to recover from a broken romance and you don’t want to be the rebound love that spends each date consoling them! Additionally, you don’t want to become emotionally invested in a person who just may end up going back to their ex.
  8. You are never invited to their place and/or haven’t met any of their friends or family members. Or, they won’t commit to anything until the last minute. What are they hiding?
  9. He expects you to split the check…on your first date!
  10.  Your new love is financially irresponsible. Be wary of romantic partners who try to borrow money or can’t keep up with their bills. If they can’t handle their money now, what will things be like if the relationship proceeds and you end up married or living together? You could end up investing way more into the romance than you expected.

We “vet” your dates and screen for relationship red flags ahead of time, so you only meet the matches that mean something! For more information, call Elegant Introductions in South Florida at 305-615-1900 or contact us today.

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