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What Do I Talk About On A First Date?

What do I talk about on a first date? If you are a man, our Matchmakers Extraordinaire think it’s a good idea to let your date do the talking! Women always complain that men don’t listen to them, so this is a great way to score points right away. Everyone likes to talk about themselves, so if you ask leading questions (questions that require something other than a simple “yes” or “no”), you’ll learn a lot about your date and seem fascinating in the process.

Of course, part of the magic of Elegant Introductions is that our matchmaking service gets to know both you and your potential date before you ever meet, so you get to skip right over those awkward first-date silences. For more information, call Nancy and Barbara at Elegant Introductions today at 305-615-1900 or contact us for more information.

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